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Haiyatt Garden Hotel Suzhou is located in Yundong Avenue, Wujiang District, Suzhou. It is rich in tourism resources, not only the thousand-year old town Tongli, Zhouzhuang, but also the natural oxygen bar East Taihu Ecological Park.

'There is heaven, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou, and there is Wujiang in the middle.'

Hotel is located in Wujiang Economic Development Zone. It is only a few minutes drive to Tongli Ancient Town and Suzhou Jinji Lake business district. It is only 1 hour drive to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and 1 hour 40 minutes drive to Shanghai Disneyland. The traffic is convenient.

The hotel covers an area of 90 acres and a 22-storey building, which is carefully created by a team of famous designers from Taiwan and the United States. The hotel has high-quality rooms of different styles with ample listings and elegant surroundings.

Special restaurants in the hands of famous Taiwanese chefs, let you taste the luxury of Cantonese cuisine and the essence of local cuisine. At the same time, restaurants with different flavors, such as Italian-style compound western restaurants, creative cuisine restaurants, French teppanyaki, and Sichuan-style tabletop small hot pot, will definitely make your teeth and cheeks linger and linger.

In terms of business, the hotel is equipped with nearly 1,300 square meters of international conference halls and various small and medium-sized conference rooms; advanced facilities and professional service teams are the best choice for your meetings, banquets, wedding banquets and tail teeth .

In addition, the store's comprehensive fitness facilities, indoor heated swimming pool, foot massage, SPA and multi-national KTV boxes and other entertainment facilities will provide you with an extraordinary experience.
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  • durante
    Lovely hotel ... good location, hotel, excellent service, great facilities. is the relationship between the central air conditioning, air conditioners and some less than. eat hot pot hot.
  • daloveice
    Hotel was good, the room was large, health is also good! breakfast bar, popular!
  • danielgaoxin
    Hotel dining is so bad, all right
  • lucifer820
    Hotel facilities new convenient room facilities good service attitude
  • doublesa
    This is a Chinese restaurant ... hotel rooms were big, too lazy to take pictures, different!
  • leocca
    The bed is too soft, in addition to this the other night very well.
  • annafeng
    Good hotel nice hotel nice hotel nice hotel nice hotel
  • jyuan99
    Driving away with ten minutes. vacation to too many people live, bit can't keep up.
  • alvinwws
    I to hotel parking when didn't people guidelines, is good Hou specially find security asked stopped that didn't problem's, answered didn't problem. do good staying and friends out for has a security up on lessons: you see you this car stopped of. I, I is fire has! funny of claims! behind OK asked he colleagues to I innocent. breakfast Xia Bowl powder, was others took, chef said himself to bullish, problem is I also not know this bowl is I of! front desk staying Shi didn't to beverage coupons! anyway, hardware good, software General... Different guest rooms and lobby service is in place, thank you!
  • llwyj
    Rooms are large, the prices are reasonable, cost-effective
  • e00089187
    Hotel facilities, health was good, the pool was great, great.
  • sunmay1977
    Bathroom is big, also is clean, fantasy Rainbow room children is like. breakfast type partial less, and has many are not marked food name, clip take food of clip also was with of some messy. except six floor of swimming pool, children play of on no has. corridor noise also slightly poor. but General live live also is good of, has opportunities also is will select sea Hyatt!
  • lifeigame
    Nice hotel with good facilities, very close to the same,
  • xxlucia61199335
    Top hotels in Wujiang, luxury and comfort of the room, live in Wujiang city of choice.
  • e00849709
    Hotel is very large, not much things around, self-driving tour can choose, breakfast, service, room was large
  • summerbee
    Very good experience, worthy of recommendation
  • e00152274
    Rooms are large, facility is new, nice, worthy of recommendation
  • aa2020
    Hotel is quite wonderful facilities and new cost-effective high
  • meety
    Higher cost. the staff are quite friendly. Chinese restaurant the taste is okay, prices are close to the people. swimming pool is a sun room, very clean. close fits short parents.
  • aiss2043
    Also, is the old style
  • Gyeong
    The most cost effective
  • sing0223
    OK just go in the room will make smoke is very bad
  • m00053941
    Which is very nice
  • julietminor
    Very nice hotel, although in Wujiang, but driving is quite easy, especially with Zhouzhuang Hotel good buffet, breakfast also available. with children, the Rainbow room, children, sleep well! recommend staying!
  • nfgxfofo
    Family rooms, children's camp new
  • caodaping
    Nice hotel, worth many times!
  • jioee
    Company on a business trip, so far the hotel is a nice place
  • suyiruby
    Estimate too many guests to shop at 2nd, came a call from the hotel in the morning, confirmed the trip to the hotel upgraded our room for free ... very good! King size room. breakfast can. eat small pot for two days, particularly fresh, my wife liked. service really good. is recommended.
  • cloudppp
  • applesong_
    Fen Lake development area on business, you won't choose to live in Wujiang, may be living in Shanghai is the better choice. the overall good hotel.
  • CFM888
    Satisfied with children like it should be lived with the Lake Hotel
  • lxy525
    Multiple occupancy, location is not convenient to hang out, others are good
  • ladygaga
    Well, every time I travel live in Wujiang. is the price expensive.
    Rooms at several times, but no welcome fruits ... do not know procedure or of a waitress is not in place?!
  • alanto
    Hotel room is good Yes! toilet I saw the biggest, bed very comfortable. Services, require basic meet. only six small rough points, no cream. Star surprised.
  • DX lilac
    Which is very nice
  • ber_lx
    Rooms at many times, each time free upgrade, drink coupons, and get discount card, very satisfied
  • njwyr
    It's not bad
  • lilx527
    Looking for a suburban for a short holiday, the hotel room is very nice, very much. staff very kind. Festival breakfast roast to force than other cities.
  • e03079149
    Very comfortable and customer-oriented
  • moccalu
    Hotel location, breakfast a bit poor, price is little expensive
  • a4125075
  • e00041986
    Feels good, looks not so new, there is also OK, free upgrades are trying Oh!
  • duobiwang
    Several times, really good
  • piratepenguin
    An older, feel
  • jessieyingying
    Great, great, great, great, great, great, great
  • asdwe
  • effect
    Stay hotels all the time, feeling good
  • Davidjr
    Wujiang city, this hotel is the best, good in every way, the hotel restaurant is also very good.
  • cantona
    As well, favorably..............................